Prohormones That Can Help You Shed Fat And Gain Mass Quickly

If you have been dieting or exercising to shed body fat and attain lean body mass with little or no success at all, you should consider taking prohormones. Getting a beach body involves a mix of reducing fat, hardening the muscles and increasing smaller muscle groups. Unfortunately, for some individuals, spending a lot of time in the gym as well as dieting is not enough to get them a lean looking body. Luckily, if you are one of those struggling to get your dream body, taking prohormones will boost your body metabolism as well as efficiency resulting in significant gains within a short period. Furthermore, unlike steroids that can offer the same benefits, prohormones are safer.

Review of the best cutting prohormones


Halodrol was initially sold as a nutritional supplement but it has since become the favorite agent for athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase their strength and gain muscle mass without much weight changes. Athletes who use Halodrol experience enhanced muscle endurance, mass and size gains and improved overall recovery time after workouts. Halodrol works by activating a reaction with the nucleus that encourages the production and synthesis of the protein resulting in the buildup of muscle tissue. In spite of its capability to help athletes gain muscle mass, Halodrol is popular among athletes looking to achieve the ideal set of labs. Most users have claimed that Halodrol has not only helped them to develop vascularity but also to get flat and develop muscular abdominal muscles.

It is also important to note that the anabolic to androgenic ratio of Halodrol is extremely high resulting in consistent muscle gains that are hard and dry without the risk of aromatization. Today, Halodrol is highly used by professional athletes during contest preparation and as an effective fat burner. When it is cycled for bulking, you can expect to gain up to 15 pounds within a period of 5 weeks. When used for cutting, you can expect to witness about 4-percent fat reduction and up to 5 pounds of muscle gain in a 5-week cycle.


Epistane is another prohormone popular among athletes due to its capability to deliver muscle gains that are dry and lean. Epistane is the favorite choice among bodybuilders because of its ability to encourage muscle growth with limited androgenic side-effects. The strong anabolic effects and the moderate androgenic effects can be attributed to its Myotropic Ratio, which explains how different hormones act in the body.

The benefits of using Epistane includes promoting dry and hard muscle gains, boosting overall strength levels, getting rid of unwanted fat and improving the general well-being and libido. It encourages muscle growth by increasing the synthesis of protein and nitrogen retention in the body. Epistane also hinders the formation of new fat cells in the body by eliminating the presence of androgens, which makes it an effective cutting agent.


Although both Epistane and Halodrol are safer than steroids, it is important to ensure that you are taking the lowest effective dosage as they are also capable of causing side effects when misused. It is also necessary to note that you will have to accompany the right prohormone with the right diet and exercises to enjoy maximum benefits.

Factors That Can Help You Decide Whether Prohormones Are Right For You

A lot of bodybuilders and other athletes are using prohormones for rapid gains and overall performance enhancement. While these products are not anabolic steroids, they are designed to function quite a bit like them. As such, they can and will take a considerable toll on a person’s body, especially if they’re not used at the right time and with the proper amount of planning. Following are several factors that can help you decide whether or not prohormones are right for you.

Are You Currently Functioning At Top Capacity?

Performance enhancement is a very general term and one that can apply to a broad range of things. If you aren’t gaining muscle fast enough or losing weight as quickly as you’d like, investing in performance enhancers of any type might seem like the first and most obvious solution. The truth of the matter, however, is that the best forms of performance enhancement are both internal and driven by your own mindset. You may be having a hard time reaching your fitness goals due to low levels of motivation or general laziness. People who have a significant amount of experience with anabolic steroids, prohormones, and the like, often suggest waiting to try these products out until you’ve already reached peak performance on your own. This way, they can do what they’re actually meant to do, which is to drive your performance beyond the realm of what’s naturally, physically possible for the human body to do.

Pushing yourself to start working at peak levels on a regular basis will also provide the necessary mental and physical conditioning for getting optimal benefits from a prohormone plan. Much like anabolic steroids, these aren’t magical solutions. You have to be willing to put in the necessary work for getting the results you really want.

Your General Health

A prohormone is really built to function as the precursor to a natural hormone, rather than the hormone itself. This is the primary difference between prohormones and anabolic steroids. In either case, your body will still be subjected to an additional amount of stress as both your physical abilities and your level of physical activity increase. This makes it incredibly important for consumers to be in good general health before using these products. Some of the more common side effects include high blood pressure or hypertension, liver toxicity, and joint soreness or dry joint sockets. If you already have problems in any of these areas, be sure to have these identified and addressed by a licensed doctor before starting any supplementation routine.